INVIO Uniform Program

INVIO answers the needs of companies that are looking for perfect, stylish, and elegant uniforms with the best quality and competitive pricing. The INVIO Uniform Program is comprised of:


We understand that it is important to have a dependable and knowledgeable partner in creating a vision and eventually delivering the perfect outcome. That is why we provide the best fashion and design consultants to work together with our clients.



Master fitting sample is a method that we proudly use to perform measurement. This method has been proven effective and efficient in creating customers’ satisfaction. The sizing standards are thoroughly considered and then constructed before measurements done by user or provider. These samples will then be the guidance for production, accommodating our clientele’s various sizes and request.


After fitting is done and every user has been measured, production can start if we have received a signed agreement that consists everything from agreed upon designs, colors, garments, samples, and sizes. This will be our production guidance, keeping us always in line with the clients’ requests. 



We understand how tardiness can be quite irritating and that is a situation that we do not want our clients to ever experience. First, we give the freedom to our clients to propose a delivery date. With that in consideration, we work hard and carefully to finish the order and the deliver the products on-time. Our strict tracking and control system is always there to identify and eliminate any error that might occur during the delivery.


INVIO stands for creating a close yet healthy and professional relationship with its clients. After sales service is one of the ways to maintain a good relationship with our customers. If factory defects occur on products, INVIO will take full responsibility to replace the flawed products and delivering them back to the client. We promise compliance to the agreement we have with our valued clients, thus trial and error will never be an issue. INVIO believes in perfection, a value that is shared by our clients as well.