About INVIO Uniform

INVIO, based in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, is a professional uniform consultant and manufacturer that has been serving the country’s working force singe 1996.

We custom-make designs by fusing elements of colors, methods, fabrics, and embroideries which is metamorphosed to exceptional top-to-bottom uniforms. We specialize in numerous areas including banking & finance, telecommunication, transportation & airlines, corporates, school & universities, restaurants and hospitalities, and other commercial sectors.

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Our Value

The word “INVIO” itself was derived from the English word “inviolable” meaning never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored. As a brand, INVIO sets the trend and stands for its values, allowing confident and smart individuals to enjoy stylish, effortless looking yet meticulously detailed working apparel, made with the best quality, best fitting, and best cutting in its class.

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Team & Technology

Supported by new and advanced technologies, including our newly employed Eton System, notable designers, seasoned project managers and sourcing expertise comprised the brand’s solid team, thus making it possible to design, manage, and implement several projects simultaneously while keeping products quality consistently outstanding at the same time.

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Quality and Commitment

Since it was first introduced, INVIO is not aiming to be known for custom made tailoring, but an integrated top-to-bottom service provider, promising their clients budget scheduling, quality control, design assistance, wide range of materials to choose, production, and product delivery. With the quality of our team and program, INVIO promises to make your company and employees look and feel good minus all the hassle and distress.

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INVIO is engaged in the practice of creating workplace sustainability by implementing sustainable practices, principles, and facilities such as reusing fabric wastes and converting them into local artswork and using natural lighting in our sites to minimize energy emission to name a few. We are also aware of how safety principles are to be fully embedded in our corporate culture and that our diverse groups of local artisan and employees receive an excellent working condition and benefits.